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A letter from our CEO

I am always surprised when Tulsa residents say they have never heard of The Center for Therapeutic Interventions, CTI.  I wanted to set the record straight, by sharing some basic information about us and our services.  CTI was established in 2005 to provide a “one-stop shop” approach to outpatient counseling.  Most of our therapeutic team is dually licensed or under supervision to treat both Mental Health disorders and Substance Use disorders, which allows consumers to be treated from strengths-based approach, holistically instead of singularly addressing depression and/or drug problems.  CTI is also proud to have four nationally certified problem gambling treatment providers on our team, which is more than any other agency in Oklahoma.  The “decompartmentalization” of treatment and “one-stop shop” environment has proved to increase positive outcomes.

CTI is also passionate about encouraging family members to participate in treatment.  We have found increasing the positive support of the consumer, providing a healthy family environment and addressing underlying issues not only improves outcomes, but also improves the overall functioning of the family system and ultimately the community at large.

CTI has been accredited with CARF since 2006, re-accredited in 2009, and just received another three (3) re-accreditation in April 2012 that will expire in 2015 for the following programs:

  1. Prevention/Diversion - Integrated: AOD/MH - Children and Adolescents
  2. Drug Court Treatment - Integrated: AOD/MH - Adults
  3. Prevention/Diversion - Integrated: AOD/MH - Adults
  4. Employee Assistance - Integrated: AOD/MH - Adults
  5. Case Management/Services Coordination - Integrated: AOD/MH – Children & Adolescents
  6. Case Management/Services Coordination - Integrated: AOD/MH - Adults
  7. Outpatient Treatment - Mental Health - Children and Adolescents
  8. Outpatient Treatment - Mental Health - Adults
  9. Outpatient Treatment - Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions - Children and Adolescents
  10. Outpatient Treatment - Alcohol and Other Drugs/Addictions - Adults

CTI has also been certified through ODMHSAS for the following:

  1. Substance Abuse treatment since 2006, which expires in 2016
  2. ADSAC since 2008, which expires in 2014
  3. CTI was the 1st Problem Gambling Treatment Program in Oklahoma in 2006 and is currently in the process of another 3 year certification until 2015.

CTI also has some programs that are not as well known such as providing EAP services for the Oklahoma Bar Association and other agencies for mental health, substance abuse, and gambling issues.

CTI believes in education and training and recently our entire staff has been trained in Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (TF-CBT).  This has improved our welcoming environment and even our office staff is now better understanding of client behaviors. Along with this training CTI provides a specialized family treatment to participants in Family Drug Court with a unique one of a kind combination of two evidenced based programs Strengthening Families and Celebrating Families.  This unique combined program is getting national and world attention as being one of the top three in over 22 countries for outcomes in families reuniting following child welfare/foster care involvement.

In the spring of 2012, CTI began providing medical care, psychiatric services and peer recovery support to consumers to increase outcomes and create a wider array of treatment services to meet the needs consumers and families.

Our mission is to assist each individual to reach his or her full potential with encouragement and empowerment and instilling hope of him or her achieving improvement in all areas of life through a holistic strengths based model of counseling and peripheral services. We try, in all ways, to carry out this mission in every aspect of our business and client care.  We encourage and foster many relationships within our community including accepting and requesting input from community stakeholders to ensure that the needs of Tulsa with regard to behavioral health care.

CTI has many formal and informal community partners, including DHS, Family Drug Court, Felony Drug court, 12&12, The Oaks, Powers Law Office, Alternative Medicine of Tulsa, Lawyers Helping Lawyers, Oklahoma Bar Association, Celebrate Recovery, NA, AA, Al-Anon, Gamblers Anonymous, Gam-Anon, Local School Systems, OAPCG, and many others.


CTI is also directly involved with Oklahoma Substance Abuse Service Alliance, OSASA a non-profit advocacy group for Oklahomans affected by substance abuse and helping to change lives, impact communities and offer individuals and families freedom from the devastation of Substance Abuse. I am honored to serve as President-Elect of the OSASA board.

CTI is very proud to provide services to Tulsa consumers and their families.  We are looking forward to further growth and expansion of innovative services for those in need in the community.






Janet Cizek