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Due to the COVID-19 National Emergency, most of our appointments are being provided remotely via Telehealth.

We have tried to contact all individuals who had scheduled appointments and left voicemails for those we had a valid phone number or contact information.  However, many people had not provided us updated contact information. 

  • Please contact your primary counselor or our main phone number 918-384-0002 to obtain information about rescheduling your appointments via telehealth or obtaining information on how to proceed with services at CTI.
  •  You can also submit a message via our website at with your current phone number and email address so we may contact you, ASAP.

Who we are


Our mission is to assist each individual to reach his or her full potential with encouragement and empowerment and instilling hope of him or her achieving improvement in all areas of life through a holistic strengths based model of counseling and peripheral services.



What we believe


It is our belief that all people have innate strengths from which to draw in times of crisis or when problems arise, however many people will inevitably encounter concerns or difficulties in life that may require therapeutic intervention. Assistance and intervention from a professional may be beneficial or necessary by providing encouragement and empowerment to the consumer to gain insight; thereby utilizing their own strengths to resolve their issues and achieve their fullest potential.

2020 Strategic Plan

Meet our Experienced Team

Janet Cizek


Dustin Bryan

Clinical Director

Kelsee McCutchen

Specialty Court Programs Supervisor

Katie Cizek

Family Treatment Court Assistant Coordinator & SFP/CFP Agency Coordinator

Tara Hurst

Assistant Clinical Director & Bartlesville Site Supervisor

Allison Eldridge


Dr. Layne Subera

Medical Director

Nick Nicholson


Taylor Hawkins

S.A.F.E.R. Program Coordinator

Jody Mueller

Bartlesville Drug Court Coordinator

A Letter from our CEO

"In the last year we have undergone some dramatic transformations. CTI continues with our dedicated legacy team & Dr. Subera is the new Medical Director.  We are still at the same location in Tulsa at 46th Place & Memorial, but our buildings have an amazing makeover. Come check us out! ..."

Health connections

CTI is accredited & Regulated by:

carf international
cart accredited
Oklahome bureau of narcotics
drug enforcment administration
oklahoma department of mental services


suicide prevention
national helpline
Tobacco helpline
gambling addiction
call 211
seeking mental health

CTI is funded in part by:

oklahoma department of mental services

CTI is a member of the following Organizations:

state chamber of oklahome